Gemini Construction Group - We are an interior renovation and landscaping company
Beautiful hardwood flooring with fireplace.
Hardwood flooring with elegant chandelier accompanied by stylish pot lights overhead.
Hardwood flooring with walk-out back door.
Hardwood floor, luxurious chandelier, accompanied by a grand stone fireplace.
Hardwood flooring with grand staircase.
Open-spaced room with hardwood flooring.
Beautiful hardwood floor.
Bright room with elegant fireplace accompanied by hardwood flooring.
 Newly renovated room with full carpeting and finished kitchen. 
Finished basement with full carpeting with a cooking area.  
Beautiful carpeting with pot lights overhead.  
Installed kitchen with stone fireplace. 
Luxurious bar with stylish fireplace.  
Newly installed wooden cabinets.  
Modern kitchen with beautiful backsplash.  
Modern kitchen with excellent tiling.  
Grand kitchen with beautiful tiling and backsplash.  
Wooden cabinets with elegant backsplash. 
Bright kitchen with beautiful counter tops and tiling 
Grand kitchen with brown oak cabinets.  
Modern and spacious kitchen with luxurious countertop.
Bright counter top with white tiles.  
Beautiful kitchen with luxurious backsplash and counter top.  
Luxurious wash bath with elegant glass shower.  
Spacious shower accompanied by elegant tiling.  
Double-sink washroom with shower and wash tub.  
Elegant glass shower with luxurious sink.  
Bright washroom comprised of shower, sink, and toilet. Spacious shower with beautiful counter top.  
Beautiful interlocking with grand stone steps.  
Luxurious backyard interlocking with side garden, perfect for hosting barbecues.   
Beautiful patterned outdoor walkway, simple yet elegant.  
Elegant patio interlocking with gardening space.  
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