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p2Landscaping Your Open Spaces with Perfection

Do you dream of that perfect front yard….or a garden with an ornate wooden bench where you can relish a cup of tea? Maybe you want to enjoy your open spaces watching the brightly colored flowers sway in the breeze and colorful butterflies hopping from flower to flower? Are you looking for a perfectly modeled driveway for your                                                                        vehicle? Or maybe, you own a lavish exterior space but do not know                                                                    what to do with it!
You’ve come to the right place! Gemini Construction Group caters to all your exterior construction needs. Not only do we build your dream landscape to suit your personality, we also provide you with design plans and ideas to help you make the most of your space.
Landscaping Services by Gemini Construction Group
Gemini Construction Group comprehends the significance of an outdoor open space. Your gardens, front yards, backyards and your exterior surroundings are not only a source of unwinding and relaxation, but it also offers you a large area to indulge in various activities such as gardening, playing with children and pets, practicing a sport or just sun bathing on a warm sunny summer day.
We understand that different people have different landscaping requirements. Therefore, we strongly believe in making every client a part of our construction process for their valuable inputs. While Client A may want a swing in his front yard, client B may want a water fountain instead. Keeping in mind that client satisfaction is our ultimate goal, we offer you a wide range of landscaping services.
Our landscaping and exterior construction services include:
·         Flowerbed construction and maintenance
·         Sod replacements
·         Retaining wall constructions
·         Water irrigation facilities
·         Laying pavers and undertaking stone work
·         Front yard designing and remodeling
·         Backyard designing and remodeling
·         Constructing interlock driveways
·         High power washing driveways
·         Ornamental additions
We also undertake customized landscaping and exterior construction services as per our clients’ needs and requirements. 
Gemini Construction Group – For a Pleasant Outdoor Experience
An outdoor environment can offer quite a healthy space for adults, children, senior citizens and pets. Everybody enjoys the outdoors; nobody likes to be confined within the four walls of their homes, no matter how aesthetically elegant the home is. Therefore, everybody deserves to enjoy an outdoor living experience. Gemini Construction Group takes pride in the number of satisfied clients we have served with our professional landscaping and exterior construction services. We believe that everybody should enjoy an aesthetic outdoor experience, even you.
So when you want to revamp your exterior spaces, Gemini Construction Group will come to your aid with design ideas, structured plans, skilled professionals, proficient workmen, materials, products and machinery of the finest quality and the 10 year rich experience and knowledge we incorporate into every project.
For all your landscaping and exterior construction services, you can rely on Gemini Construction group. Our plan, ideas and professional craftsmanship always exceeds your expectations, and not your budget. 


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