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For All Your Interior Renovation Needs

Hardwood floors….French windows…..stone brick walls…….ivory panels……rosy walls……glass doors…..rose wood cabinets……..a wonderful home!
Hardwood floor and ceiling pot lights accompanied by an elegant stone fireplace. Remodelling your home is always sets an exciting thrill; it gives you something pleasant to look forward too. Everybody appreciates change, especially if that change is for the better. Is it time to revamp your home and give it a whole new look? Or do you wish to change a few details here and there in your home to give it an aesthetic look and improve its functionality?
You may want to install a larger bath tub in your bathroom, or you may want to add an extra room. Maybe it’s time to give your kitchen a whole new look or create your own study to enjoy your personal space. No matter what interior renovation you require, Gemini Construction Group is here to provide you with comprehensive plans and ideas and take over all your design and renovation work.
Renovating Your Home with Gemini Construction Group
Gemini Construction Group understands that interior renovation covers a vast area of work. Additionally, the services that a particular home may need, will largely differ from that of another. Our services, therefore, encompass a wide range of interior renovation jobs, such as:
·         Bathroom Remodelling
·         Basement Remodelling
·         Kitchen Remodelling
·         Home Remodelling
·         Room Additions
·         Window and Door Installations
·         Flooring and Tiling
·         Hardwood laminations
·         Painting
·         Fireplace constructions

Renovating Your Residential and Commercial Interiors
Gemini Construction Group not only undertakes residential interior remodelling, we also provide you with interior remodelling services for your commercial and official spaces. We understand that a functional commercial space with attractive aesthetics can create quite a favourable environment for business growth.
Luxurious full bath with granite all around. With plus interiors, you can also improve the productivity of your employees and impress your business delegates. Yes, pleasant office interiors can go a long way in assuring business growth.
We provide interior remodelling and construction services for your official spaces such as building a new commercial space, designing its interiors, preparing its layout, painting, adding rooms, cabins and conference halls as well as giving it a modern feel. Let your employees enjoy their work environment so that they give your business their best.
Everybody Deserves Pleasant Interiors
Your family, your employees, your delegates and yourself, everybody deserves a pleasant interior set up. Gemini Construction Group provides you with services to fulfill all your interior remodelling needs. We follow the highest standards of professionalism and work ethic to ensure that every client’s project is given top priority and the project is completed in the quickest possible turnaround time. However, we understand that a hasty job is never well done and that is why, we give our 100% attention and commitment to your project.
Every client at Gemini Construction Group is an esteemed client. Whether your job is big or small, we believe that any construction job is after all a job and we complete it with thorough professionalism.
With Gemini Construction Group, your interiors will always be marvelous, functional and we promise to surpass your expectation with every project.

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